Here in the pharmacy in Rosslare we want to make things simple and easy with as little hassle to our patients and potential patients as possible. In light of this we have a few articles below that may be of interest to both our current patients and potential patients alike.

All the information you need if you have come away on a little break without your medication or if you simply want to make Rosslare Pharmacy your current pharmacy, along with many more helpful topics. Happy reading!!







Have you forgotten your medication?

If you have come to Rosslare without your regular medication have a read of our article Forgetting your Medication.

Transferring to Rosslare Pharmacy

If you wish to transfer to us to get your regular medication take a look at our article Transferring your Medication to see what steps you can take to do this with minimal hassle.

Getting in Touch

We have a number of different ways you can reach out. Have a read of our article Contacting the pharmacy