Smoking Cessation

You may have tried to quit smoking a number of times before but for most people it does take a number of attempts before they are successful in beating the habit. Here in Rosslare Pharmacy we can tailor a quit plan to suit your smoking habits. Going “cold turkey” is not for everyone and some people need the help of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). We stock a range of these products from patches to lozenges just ask in the pharmacy and we can help get you started.

Benefits of stopping smoking

 After 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal

 After 24 hours your lungs start to clear

 After 2 days your body is nicotine free and your sense of taste and smell improve

 After 3 days you can breath more easily and your energy increases

 Within 2-3 months your lung capacity can increase by up to 30%

 Within 1 year your chance of a heat attack drops by half and after 10 years the risk drops to almost that of a non smoker

 Within 5 years the risk of smoking related cancers is greatly reduced

These are just some of the benefits and they begin immediately. For more information visit: