Medicines Management

Blister Packing

Do you or a member of your family find it difficult to keep on top of your daily medication? Here in Rosslare Pharmacy we can help with this. We have teamed up with Virginia Medical Supplies to be able offer you a blister packing service. It is aimed at:

  •  People who are taking a lot of medication
  •  People who have difficulty remembering to take their medication
  •  People who are carers and care for someone on many different medications.

Our blister packs get rid of any confusion associated with complicated regimes. They come in weekly packs separated in to days of the week and times of the day as shown below.  Extra monthly charges may apply, just ask in the pharmacy if you require this service.

Phased Dispensing

We also offer phased dispensing. If you wish to collect your medication on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis this can be arranged.