Have you come away without your medication?

You come down to Rosslare for a little break, be it for the whole summer, a week or just a few days and it hits you…. You have come away without your medication. Panic sets in and you start to worry you will not be able to get the medication that you need. Well don’t worry. This happens on a regular basis and we are equipt to help you. There are a few things you can do prior to getting in touch with us to make it even easier.

Contact your pharmacy:

If you have a valid prescription in your pharmacy give them a call and tell them you have forgotten your medication and that you will need to get an emergency supply while you are away. You can then give them our healthmail email address , Rosslare@healthmail.ie, so they can forward it on to us. Once they are happy to email on your prescription if you want to you can give us a call on 053-9173414 and give us your contact details. We will then contact you once the prescription has come through.

Have your prescription with you:

If you happen to have a copy of your prescription with you then thats even better. Just drop up to the pharmacy and hand in your prescription and let us know what items you need from it.

Contact your GP:

If the item you require is medication that you do not always take, you should give your GP a call and ask them to send on a prescription to the healthmail email address listed above.