Oct 17, 2023

Repeat Prescriptions Request Times



Over the last number of years are we delighted to be a position to say that our patient numbers have increased significantly. Due to this, alot of you may have noticed, that our staff numbers have also increased. It is a fantastic position to be in and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you, both old, new and returning patients. We would like to continue to offer a good customer experience so we are looking for your help to do so. Going forward we are asking our patients to give us ample time to prepare their repeat prescriptions. There are a number of reasons we are asking this and these are just a few of the reasons below:

  1. Stock availability: We want to make sure we have your items in stock and avoid you needing to make a return trip.
  2. GP Queries: From time to time we need to ask the GP a question about your medication. As they are quite busy seeing patients throughout the day, we do not always get an answer immediately.
  3. Time to prepare: For larger scripts and blister pack scripts these can take a significant amount of time to prepare and like that, query with GPs if needed.

The time frames we are asking people to give are as follows:

Blister packs: 48-72 hours

Repeat Prescriptions: 24 hours

Click and Collect: 24 Hours

We appreciate your help with this and it is you the patient who will reap the benefits, with less time to wait & fewer return trips.